Survey on the Worship of Ares

Alright folks, here it is, the much-hyped survey I said I would be writing. The first portion of the survey is demographic data, to answer the question, ‘who are the worshippers of Ares?’. The second portion delves into how you worship Ares, in what context, how often, etc. The last portion consists of short essay questions that are open ended; sometimes multiple choice is too limiting.


Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. Pay attention for parenthetical information, which may explain how you may answer. Take the time to think about all the answers you wish to write, and take your time. Please be very honest in answering the questions; I’m not here to judge you, only collect data. Ares will, I would hope, take notice of our efforts, so keep that in mind.  Please email the completed survey to by Saturday, September 3rd, 2011. No submissions will be accepted after this time. Results will be posted Tuesday, September 6th, 2011.

* * *

What age group do you belong to?
A) Under 18
B) 18-30
C) 31-50
D) 51-70
F) Prefer not to say

What is your gender?
A) Male
B) Female
C) Other
D) Prefer not to say

Where do you live? (Write-in; City and country will suffice)

What type of area do you live in?
A) Rural
B) Village
C) Small town (< 50k people)
D) Large Town (50k-200k people)
E) City or Metropolis
F) Other (write-in)

Do you live near a military outpost, camp, or other installation? (within 50 miles) (Question courtesy of Kullervo)
Yes or No

What is the highest level of education you have attained?
A) High School or GED
B) Some College
C) Associates Degree
D) Bachelors Degree
E) Masters Degree
F) Doctorate or other Graduate degree
G) None of the Above/ Prefer not to answer

What is your relationship with the military?
A) Active Duty or Reserve/ National Guard member
B) Veteran/ Retired member
C) Planning to Enlist or Commission
D) Family served
E) No family/personal history

Have you ever experienced war?
A) Yes, as a soldier/military member
B) Yes as a civilian
C) Yes, as a family member of a soldier/military member
D) No

What is your profession? (write-in)

Is your profession in any way related to the National Defense, Public Safety, or Security?
Yes or No (please explain, if you’re allowed to)

Which of the following BEST describes your current religious convictions?
A) Hellenic Reconstructionist
B) Other Reconstructionist
C) Hellenic-inspired Eclectic
D) Other Eclectic/ Neopagan
E) Wiccan
F) Other Religion (write-in)

Which of the following BEST describes your current theological outlook?
A) ‘Hard’ Polytheist
B) ‘Soft’ Polytheist
C) Monism
D) Pantheism
E) Combination of the above (please describe)
F) Other (write-in)

Do you offer cult to Ares?
Yes or No

If yes, how often?
A) At least once a day
B) At least once a week
C) At least once a month
D) Special occasions/holidays only

In what ways do you offer cult to Ares? (multiple choices allowed)
A) Prayers, exclusively
B) Other Offerings, exclusively
C) Prayers, both exclusively and part of a pantheon
D) Other Offerings, both exclusively and as part of a pantheon
E) Prayers, as part of a pantheon only
F) Other offerings, as part of a pantheon only

If you do not worship Ares, why not? (multiple choices allowed)
A) I am a Pacifist
B) Not Interested
C) Not sure or don’t know how
D) Dislike Ares
E) Do not feel compelled
F) Focus on other Gods
G) Not Hellenic
H) Not a warrior/soldier/cop

If you do not worship Ares, do you worship any other War deities?
A) Yes, Athene
B) Yes, Mars
C) Yes, Other War God or Goddess (please describe)
D) No, I don’t worship any war deities

Are you aware of Ares’ cult titles and functions such as the Abundant (Αφνειος) or Feasted by Women (Γυναικοθιονας)?
Yes or No

Would knowing about such titles and roles make you more interested in learning about or worshipping Ares?
Yes or No

Do you feel Ares needs a greater cult following?
A) Yes, in all his aspects
B) Yes, but only in his positive aspects
C) Yes, but only as a member of the pantheon
D) No, current levels of worship are adequate
E) No, we should not glorify the violence Ares stands for

— Essay Questions —

How do you view Ares?

How do you view Ares’ relationship to the rest of the Hellenic pantheon? How does he relate to his family? (question courtesy of Apollodoros)

What challenges do you feel arise with worshipping Ares?

What factors do you think would contribute to a better understanding of Ares and his dominion?

What is your view of people who worship Ares as a patron or as a primary focus in their pantheon? Do you feel there are any stereotypes related to Ares’ worship?

Do you have any other questions or concerns?

Bonus Question- Are there any subjects or material you would like to see covered on the Aspis of Ares?

* * *

That’s it folks. Remember, please send all answers to by Saturday, September 3, 2011. Feel free to email me at that address if you have any concerns or questions regarding anything asked in the survey. Please also feel free to pass along the survey to anyone you think may be interested in taking it.

Hail Ares!

6 comments on “Survey on the Worship of Ares

  1. Apollodorosh says:

    I’ve put in my bookmarks else I’ll keep forgetting to fill in this survey… 😛 I’ll get back to you as soon as possible 😉

  2. […] was the launching of a whole blog devoted to the god called Aspis of Ares which is conducting a survey on contemporary Ares worship. From Ophiokhos: To Ares I. From Kullervo: Ares, and what Paganism is […]

  3. paosirdjhutmosu says:

    Interesting-looking survey. 😀 I can’t wait to see the results. Question: When I read “What is your profession?”, I immediately thought of the scene from “300” with Leonidas shouting “SPARTANS! What is your profession?” and the Spartans, in response, chanting “Haroo! Haroo! Haroo!”….Is that bad?

    • pthelms says:

      I’m not gonna lie, when I was proof-reading, I thought the same thing. It made me smile, so I just kept the wording.

      • paosirdjhutmosu says:

        Hi. I don’t feel kinda bad for being a smart-aleck anymore. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… 😉

  4. […] way of still keeping an eye on the questions asked. If you would please do the survey yourself here, it would be most appreciated. Even if you don’t worship Arēs I would like you to fill it […]

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