I realize that my blog is, to put it politely, less than user-friendly sometimes. Whether or not you agree, I feel this reflects poorly on myself  in the eyes of my audience. That being said, I’m rolling out some minor changes.

First you’ve probably noticed the blogroll at the side there; these are a few of the blogs I follow with a more or less Hellenic bent. Most of them belong to friends and associates, and while I may not hold with everything they write, they’re a good read nonetheless.

Secondly, to make navigating easier, I’ll begin using embedded links as well as tags. I’m not sure if I want to go back and tag the crap out of everything, but that’s certainly a possibility. Ease of access will be something I try to work on.

Last of all, I’m going to attempt to make my blog more relevant to the goings on of the community at large. My last post, commenting on a piece by Sannion, has gotten quite a few hits for the four or five hours it’s been up, and that sort of thing lets me think about how Ares can play a role in our current community.


That’s it for now. Not major stuff, but I hope you all like it. If you have a blog with a Hellenic bent you’d like to add to the roll, leave a comment with the link below. In addition, if you have any suggestions for improvement, I’m always up for ways to perfect your viewing experience. That’s right, I said experience. 😛

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