New Devotional Art

As an addendum to my previous post, I’ve begun the preliminary stages to a votive piece for the Binding festival I plan on reconstructing.  Originally created around a group of statues, the festival celebrated the binding of Ares by Hermes and Dike, where the people would chain Ares anew to renew their pact with the gods. My piece will imitate this in relief. Here’s a preliminary sketch on the marble I plan to carve this in.

On the right is Hermes, center is Ares, and on the left Dike. Chains are drawn for now, but when the carving is complete, I’ll add pins and a silver chain to the piece. I’m still trying to figure out what date to set for the festival, as one was made clear, but once it’s ready, it’s going to be hardcore. If it turns out well, I also plan to make a cast of the set and reproduce the whole thing for others.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hail Ares!

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