Thoughts and Thankfulness

Okay, so it’s 4am here in the eastern time zone of the US, and I’m sitting in bed with my dogs reading my blogroll and pondering my writing. I’ve been pretty good about writing lately; I’ve posted six entries since the year began, not including this one. Considering my goal is one post a week with a Friday deadline, I’m doing very well. Ares lit a fire up under my butt, and as I peruse my blogs, I can see I’m spreading that bug to other writers. Seeing my work published (shout out to Neokoroi!) was pretty motivating.

That all being said, thank you all for giving me an audience to write to. I’m not one of those people who can write for the sake of writing; my military training turned me into quite the utilitarian. Not having an audience would be a motivation killer, but it’s only been two weeks and I’ve surpassed the number of views for Oct-Dec. That’s pretty impressive, to me. That wouldn’t happen if not for all of you, my readers. Between the traffic you all provide and the pressure of your critical eyes (Apollodorosh I’m talking about you!), my blog only seems to be getting better. Thank you, again.

Recent successes and the extreme motivation that a 4 week break produces has me considering whether or not I want to write a book on Ares worship, akin to Lykeia’s Crowned with Nine Rays or Laurelei’s Cult of Aphrodite. It’s a big step, and I’m not sure how I’d fill up enough for a book, but considering I ramble a lot that shouldn’t be that hard, right? Besides, I can’t associate with published authors and not publish something myself; my competitive spirit is chomping at the bit here.

That’s all I have today. I hope everyone has a stellar weekend and all that. Hail Ares!

5 comments on “Thoughts and Thankfulness

  1. Apollodorosh says:

    Who, me? What have I done? >.>

  2. I think writing something about Ares is an excellent idea of course! And I wouldn’t mind sending you documented notes of anything I find while pouring over books in my current studies if you like. I know first hand how time consuming research can be 🙂
    As for your blog, I think it has really taken off and I can’t wait to see new posts.

  3. Galina Krasskova says:

    I for one would love for you to do a devotional to
    Ares. One way that I have found particularly nice (because it gives a multitude of viewpoints and approaches) is to put out a call for submissions and make a devotional anthology. just throwing that out there.

    anyway, thank you for this blog. It’s allowed me to get a better sense of Ares, and for that I am grateful.

    • pthelms says:

      While a collaborative piece would be cool, there’s a great part of me that’s uncomfortable with it. I want on focus on Ares, and in particular Ares of the Classical period, and opening up the work to many people would only diminish what I want to accomplish.

      I am considering asking for poetry and such, but as far as the actual historic material and ritual notes, I feel too many authors would spoil the pot, so to speak, and the work would lack the focus something as specific and small as the topic of Ares worship needs. It’s not like writing one for Hermes or Athene; there’s a wealth of information on the historic cult and plenty of myth to extrapolate from. With Ares it’s different, as there is a lack of strong evidence, and I want to avoid syncretic interpretations (i.e. Roman) if at all possible.

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