Fear, Ignorance, and SOPA (caution, political ranting :)

I love the internet, but I’m sick of people bitching about SOPA. Why? Because it’s all hype and no bite. Hell, I hope they pass the damn law, I honestly do. It would do well to have bibliographies for EVERYTHING(!). I would love that. Sure, my posts would take longer to write, but hey, I have no problem with that. I’m a writing tutor after all.

I can see why people might get their panties in a bunch over SOPA; it’s vague and many feel over-reaching. They say it’s a threat to essential liberties, free speech, democracy, yada yada yada. The same thing happened with the PATRIOT act. Remember that one? Please tell me you do. Remember what happened? A metric f**k-ton of NOTHING. Nothing happened- it went to court, it won, end of story. It’s a sad truth that in the US, very few of our “citizens” (and I use that term as loosely as our lovely Constitution) actually know the *three* branches of government. You know, the executive (least power), legislative (most direct power), and the judicial (that guy everyone forgets).

You see, in a democracy (including a republican democracy), because officials are elected to office, and have limited time in which they serve (technically, but not really) they are often as short-sighted as the people that elect them (that’s us). Judges, however, are appointed (at the federal level). This often gives them a long time to grow and understand how laws are written, and more importantly, how they are applied.

Sure, as written, SOPA can seem dangerous, and some feel it stinks of censorship (or responsibility, as I like to call it). However, the wonderful balance of the Judiciary tempers the shortsightedness of the Legislature and makes sure there are very specific protocol to follow in applying the law. Judicial review (a principle of constitutional law laid out by the first Supreme Court Chief Justice) ensures that over-zealous congressmen, which follows the often whimsical will of the people, from being as asinine as the public they serve.

So please, I don’t want to hear your whining, Internet trolls. Nor yours, Wikipedia, because you should know better.

4 comments on “Fear, Ignorance, and SOPA (caution, political ranting :)

  1. You don’t even know what SOPA will actually do, do you?

  2. And you have got to be kidding me, the PATRIOT Act has done a whole lot of a lot of crap. Come on now, educate yourself.

    • pthelms says:

      Actually, considering I was actually directly affected by this law as a part of the intelligence community, I know a great deal about the PATRIOT act. Because most people do not actually A) work or the government, or B) interact with it on a more than yearly basis, most of our citizens are vastly unaware of how things *actually* work. The biggest threat to our nation right now is the sort of ignorance being spewed by uniformed, inexperienced individuals who then vote on an issue the read about in a tweet.

  3. Soliwo says:

    I think for me the poll simply came to soon. I do not participate in surveys too often, especial when I do no know much about the subject, and when I do not know the person holding it. I think if you would do another survey now, or better yet, in 6 months, you would get a much bigger response.

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