Blue and White

Here’s a story from a fellow Air Force vet who happened to be involved in the same program I was, albeit at a different installation. Enjoy!


 When I went through Basic  Training, on Sunday when the other girls went to Church, I went to the  Wicca group. It was all they had and it was better than nothing at all. I needed to be around other polytheists or lose my damn mind. If I heard  one more time “Jesus will get me through this” I was going to barf.

At  my Tech school (that’s where they train us for the actual job we’ll  have in the Air Force), I was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base. They  have a student leadership program through the Chaplain’s office known as  the White Ropes because we wore white ropes on our shoulders and I had the honour of being that Base’s first  Wiccan White Rope ( I had to use the term “Wiccan” because that is the  accepted term in the military).

There weren’t many responsibilities  attached to this status, but it was very cool to be the go-to person for the Chaplains when they had questions about Polytheistic religions and  ambassador to all the non-Monotheists coming in after me. I even got to  “rope up” my replacement before I left. That was really cool.

~ C.B.

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