Updates and Musing

Well, I’m sorry I don’t have much more for you  today other than promises of better articles to come. I noticed I got a lot of traffic for the post on Hekate and Ares, so you can expect more like those; I’ve already begun drawing up notes for comparisons with Apollon and Dionysos. Folks seemed to like the Vet profiles, but so far I’ve only gotten two. I may have had more, but it seems my Aspis of Ares email is buggy, because I haven’t seen anything come across it yet.

A bit of big news, however, is that I’m almost done reconstructing an ancient festival for Ares based on the binding rituals that took place in several cities across Greece thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, the records I have don’t offer a name for the festival or it’s place on the calendar. I’d like to note that my copy of Matthew Gonzales’ dissertation about the cults of Ares and Enyalios (the most extensive survey of data to date on the subject) is my saving grace here, and even contains the inscription recorded from an oracle directing the establishment of the festival. If anyone wants to help out naming the ritual (I was thinking something like Binding Festival in ancient Hellenic) or placing it on the calendar, please leave a comment with suggestions.

Because this will be my first written ritual, I will be asking a friend to take a look at it to verify its structure and to consider whether it may be a good add to the various fora out there on the interwebs. Needless to say, this won’t be the last ritual/festival I plan on writing. The miasma ritual is still in the works, as well as plans for dedicating weapons (for soldiers, police, and even hunters), victory thanksgivings, and perhaps even stand-up and stand-down rituals for those entering/leaving military service.  I will need some female collaboration at some point, because I wish to include at least one single-sex ritual for each sex as an echo of historic rituals; I’m thinking along the lines of brotherhood/sisterhood things, nothing fancy and certainly nothing meant to put either sex or any gender down. If I’m ever to write a book, it’s important to me to provide a diverse range of ritual material, not just poetry.

That’s all I have for right now. It’s been a stressful week and I’m looking forward to wrapping things up and doing show-and-tell before relaxing for the weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their own! Hail Ares.


One comment on “Updates and Musing

  1. Sounds great…and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Apollon and Ares (since that is subject I have babbled of here and there myself and I love hearing alternate viewpoints!)
    Also if you ever want my input on anything or any help with anything let me know I am always happy to oblige 😀

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