Lethargy and Other Stuff

Ugh. I love springtime and I hate it. On one hand, I’m a lot more active in spring than in any other season; already, I’ve helped resurface a deck, started the dogs walking on leashes (not an easy task, actually), and started an (albeit shaky) exercise regimen. On the other, that applies to more outside things, like going to the park, shooting, etc. Certainly not writing, or even reading. It’s been a struggle to even participate in writing or reading for class. That may sound normal, but it isn’t for me. An unfortunate byproduct of this creative left-brain lethargy is a lack of motivation and inspiration to write blog posts.

I can’t say the community has been very inspiring either. I’m also trying to stay out of commenting on politics, despite some conflicts picking up steam due to the changing weather and traditional urge to fight things beginning in spring. I’ve even become a little ornery as warmer temps are warming my blood. I’ve already begun a mantra for the season, much to the amusement (and chagrin, I’m sure) of my friends: “Throw ’em in a ditch and kill ’em all!” It doesn’t really matter who “’em” is, because it shifts depending on what’s on tv or in the newspaper. This has me wanting to do a post on blood lust, but I figured I’d let the mood from the recent Afghan massacre die down a bit before going on with that.

I just thought I’d let you all know I was still alive and not off invading foreign countries (my girlfriend won’t let me…). I do have an announcement to make, but you’ll just have to wait for that one while some details get knocked out first. I hope you all are having a fun and active spring, and that you can get out and start some campaigns of your own. Hail Ares!


One comment on “Lethargy and Other Stuff

  1. Apollodorosh says:

    You just wait a few more month/years and you can invade the crap out of Iran or China ;-P Unless they beet you yanks to it and you’re on the defense instead…

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