A Weapon Blessing

Ares has always been a god of weapons, and I know of no depiction of him without at least some form of weapon on him or nearby. Though I am no longer a true combatant, I wanted to bless my rife as the weather now permits me to go out and start the airsoft season. Sure, I can’t actually kill someone with it, but I’d like to bless it to shoot true anyway. To that effect, I came up with a simple rite that you may use yourself.

Some supplies you may choose to use:

Depictions of the Gods: Ares for certain, but you can include Athena, Artemis, Apollon, Aphrodite, Dionysos, and Zeus (all gods with war or shooting related cults)

Incense or wine for offerings

Your chosen weapon (this is being written about a rifle, and modern weapons in general. Feel free to modify accordingly)

The Rite:

I would choose to time this rite in Spring, as this is when the campaign season starts, although it’s also perfect before a deployment, a hunting expedition, or like me, for a friendly game of airsoft or paintball. Morning seems most appropriate, as the sun’s far-shooting rays first touch the earth much like Apollon the Far-Shooter fires off his arrows.

Open your rite with whatever actions you deem appropriate, or if you are performing this rite within the context of a larger ritual (such as the forthcoming Lesser Aresia or a pre-deployment ritual) begin where appropriate. Make your offerings of incense or wine, and call forth to the Gods:

Dear Gods on Olympus, hear my cry, as I am to go to battle

Bless this rifle, oh Gods, that I might smite my enemies

Thundering Zeus, let my enemies cower at its thunderous roar

Sharp Ares, let my enemies feel its piercing sting

Brilliant Athene, let my allies find respite behind its fire

Glorious Twins of Leto, may my rounds fire far and true

Mad God, let my weapon sow madness among my foes

Golden Aphrodite, let my enemy feel no love for the fight

Bless me, oh Gods of, so that I may offer you victories at the altar of war

That’s it, just a simple blessing and a simple offering. Fight hard, whatever your battle, and Hail Ares!

2 comments on “A Weapon Blessing

  1. Very nice! I have no weapons myself…and feel twitchy around guns (I guess it is a good thing after all that I never was able to get that job working at the prison lol!). At most I have a sharp dagger that really can’t defend one very well without getting really close and personal, and plans to get a bow..hopefully before summer is out. I am not sure if Ares would be appropriate for a blessing of a bow, but I definently do plan on doing a ritual to Apollon and Artemis for it and dedicating a cedar arrow to each of them to be decorated and place at their shrines in my household.

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