Ares, God of the People

Ares is a people’s god. No really, he is. Think about it for a second. Think of the idealized father-figure in our culture and look at how he’s described. He defends and dotes upon his wife and children, holds a stable and prestigious career, and is involved in cosmopolitan activities, such as art, politics, and philanthropy. Ares is that manly god.

Ares is like a good nation that defends itself and does not necessarily go looking for trouble. Take a look at the mythology–Ares is primarily reactionary, he’s on defense. In the context of ancient Greece, as a protector of the fields, he fought against raiders and marauders. Men had two primary types of work: that of the farmer and, come summer, that of the soldier. Ares is their god during those months, the divine will that drives the soldiers on. He brings criminals such as Sisyphos to bear, and brings honor to Hector, Achilles and more.

Ares is also a great dad. Whenever and wherever his children are at risk, he flies to their rescue. From avenging the rape of Alkippe to providing for the infant son of Aerope from her dead breast, Ares is there to make everything better. It is easy to envision Ares teaching his child to stand up for himself, but given the evidence, also kissing boo-boos and dancing with his daughters, their small feet  standing upon his own. Even his monstrous children are cherished, and their deaths bring their father sorrow and retribution on their murderers.

Ares is also very cosmopolitan. He inspires oracles and art, ensures prosperity for his peoples, and frequents banquets and sporting events. He boxes Apollon one day and dances at weddings the next, all thought of war pushed from his mind. He watches over the highest orders of the universe, and yet, he still finds time for the joys of wine and song. Ares is a people’s god. Worship him, join in with his joy. Hail Ares!

3 comments on “Ares, God of the People

  1. Kullervo says:

    Excellent post.

  2. ivyawatson says:

    I love that post !! 🙂

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