Announcements and Other Things

Hey Facebook people, remember how I said Aspis of Ares was going to hit Facebook eventually? Well it has! You can like Aspis of Ares to keep up to date on the latest news here, discuss your favorite posts, send suggestions for content or improvement, and contribute to collaborative projects.

Speaking of collaborative projects, Aspis of Ares is teaming up with Metal and Iron to write a devotional to Ares. While Wednesday and I have thought of doing one each separately, we figured working together would benefit you, the readers and fans, more. We’ve code-named the project Operation Oxys, coming from Ares’ epithet “sharp or piercing”, because we plan on introducing a little metal back into Hellenic Polytheism. However, please keep in mind this is not an anthology; we figured too many authors spoils the pot, and we both have a very specific vision for what we want to do. This means no, we will not be calling for submissions. However, once the book is published, there may be a supplemental anthology for poetry, ritual, and the like, so do keep your eyes open.

Hail Ares!

3 comments on “Announcements and Other Things

  1. Jack says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the two of you produce.

  2. i think that is a good idea. One of the reasons I just wrote my book on Apollon was for similar reasons, and because I really had enough research and ideas to fill up a book all by my lonesome lol. Less authors is definently a good idea for indepth informative devotionals, whereas anthologies are fun and have good things in them but tend to be less cohesive 🙂
    If you ever decide to do the Anthology thing and want to use any of my poems to Ares you are more than welcome!

  3. […] due to my partnering up with the great P.T. Helms over at Aspis of Ares, this one’s actually going to get finished on time. Most […]

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