IPCOD Blessing

For those of you that are not aware, International Pagan Coming Out Day, or IPCOD for short,  is a week from today, on 2 May, 2012. It is an annual event for pagans, heathens, and other polytheists to come out to their friends and relatives, or even to the public. While I know many of you don’t ascribe to the title “pagan”, it is still appropriate to show solidarity with those who are yet unsure about making their beliefs known to others.

While I believe it is unethical to out someone as a pagan or polytheist against their will, I still encourage those that are out to gently encourage others to at least come out to their friends and loved ones. Honesty and trust are important, and it is both difficult and damaging to the psyche to keep one’s faith completely under wraps.

If you are currently in the closet concerning your religion, have faith, and if you can muster the courage, I urge you to come out, at least a little. Coming out can  lift the burden of secrecy and fear from your shoulders, and you might be surprised that your honesty inspires others to question their own faith. In addition, by making the declaration, you may encourage others in your area who were also secretly keepers of the faith, or similar ones. Only by being honest and strong can the community be identified and thus come together.

For those of you who are still unsure, please visit the Pagan Coming Out Day website, sponsors of IPCOD, or check your local metaphysical shop for possible events celebrating IPCOD. Below, I’m including a blessing for strength and courage for those of you who are still in the closet, or know someone who is.

Obrimos, hear our prayer today

You who gives strength and courage to men

And inspires them to great works and heroic deeds

Lend your strength, oh Ares, to my compatriots and I

On this day of honesty and openness

Rally us, oh Laossous, that we may line the streets in our joy

Pierce the hearts of the fearful and doubtful

That they may express their faith in you and all of the Gods

Sustain us with your presence, oh Abundant Ares

And banish the injustice of silence

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