Research, Research, Research

Well folks, I have to say that so far, getting this book written is coming together better than I thought. With the unfortunate exception of my partner having to drop out, things are sailing along quite smoothly. With the addition of a Lesser Aresia, I’ve found at least two more festivals to reconstruct for my book: The Areia, an Athenian festival near the end of Metageitnion/beginning of Boedromion (about mid August) celebrates Ares and Athene Areia, possibly as founder gods and supporters of the Ephebes, and probably involves choral contests, among others; the second is the Enyalia, a celebration re-enacting the victory of the Athenians over Salamis, and involves a running procession to a promontory. I haven’t quite tracked down a date for this, but a review of the history books should suffice. But hey, awesomeness, right?

On another note, I’ve also been reading up on ancient battlefield religion, and how closely tied Ares, Apollon, and Artemis are in those respects. You can expect a few simple rites and prayers to come out honoring those three and others, too. More and more, this book is becoming liturgical more than philosophical, which appeases my inner “priestly” side greatly. It’s one thing to understand Ares through droll discussion and supposition, but it’s greater to follow behind him in practice, prayer, and ritual in my not-so-unbiased opinion.

Thank you all who have helped, are helping, and will help in this endeavor. I received an oracle from Sannion and Dionysos that the effort is well appreciated, which is very motivating. While I may not be blogging as frequently right now, I am thinking about you all! Hail Ares!

5 comments on “Research, Research, Research

  1. Hakka says:

    While I really regret dropping out, I’ve got to say, I’m really interested to see how it turns out as just a brain child of your own work. 🙂 Glad to see you’re still working on it!

  2. Morgana Rose says:

    I would love to help you, but I live so far away I probably couldn’t be of much assistance. I do have a question. I noticed you said ares and artemis work really well together, but I have read in other books artemis and aphrodite don’t play well together for lack of a better phrase. Have you ever experienced this?

    • pthelms says:

      As far as help. distance is no matter. Suggesting sources is probably the best thing anyone can do at this point.

      As far as Aphrodite’s relationship to Artemis, I have no idea. Neither fare largely in my devotions at this point in my life, so it’s not a concern to me just now.

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