Well folks, as a teaser for the upcoming book, here’s a working outline for the book’s chapters. If it seems I missed anything, let me know! Forgive the formatting, WordPress can be dumb!

Chapter Outline


  1. Intro
  2. Part One: Ares and the Kosmos
    1. Ares’ Place in the Universe

i.      Ares and Themis

ii.      Ares and Dike

iii.      Ares and Death

iv.      Philosophers’ Views of Ares

  1. Ares and the Olympians

i.      Ares and His Parents

  1. Ares and Zeus
  2. Ares and Hera

ii.      Ares as a Nephew

  1. Relations to Poseidon
    1. Rape of Alkippe
    2. Demeter and the Chora
    3. Hestia and the Home

iii.      Ares and His Siblings

  1. Athena
    1. Rivalry
    2. Cooperation
    3. Apollon and Artemis
      1. On Campaign
      2. In Garrison
      3. Dionysos
      4. Hermes
      5. Hephaestos
    4. Ares the Family Man

i.      Ares and Aphrodite

  1. Imperfect Love
  2. Masculinity and Femininity

ii.      Ares and His Divine Children

  1. Harmonia
  2. Phobos and Deimos
  3. Anteros and Eros
  4. Enyalios and Nike?

iii.      Ares’ Other Loves

  1. Enyo
  2. Aerope
  3. Erinys Telphousia
  4. Mortals

iv.      Ares’ Other Children

  1. Drakons
  2. Spartoi
  3. Stymphalian Birds
  4. Mortals
  5. Part Two: Ares and Man
    1. Ares at War

i.      Evolution of Warfare

  1. Infantry, from Classical to Modern
  2. Evolution of the Chaplain

ii.      Ares and the Warrior

  1. Ares as a Model Warrior
    1. Ares or Athena?
    2. Ares’ Panopoly and the Gear of a Warrior
    3. Enyalios and the War Cry

iii.      Battlefield Religious Practices

  1. Sacrifices
    1. At Borders
    2. Divination and Strategy
    3. Spoils of War
      1. As Votives
      2. As History
      3. Other Gods on the Battlefield
    4. Ares in the Agora

i.      Ares in the City

  1. Ares and the Ephebes
  2. Role in festivities

ii.      Officer Ares

  1. Ares and police
  2. Public Safety

iii.      Ares and Agriculture

  1. Protector of the Chora
  2. Cthonic aspects and evidence
  3. Provider for Man
  4. Part Three: Ares and You
    1. Daily Observances

i.      Adorations of Ares

ii.      Hymns

  1. Homeric
  2. Orphic
  3. Originals

iii.      Formulating Prayers

  1. Monthly Observances

i.      Deciding on a Day for Ares

  1. Fifth of each Lunar Month
  2. Hekate’s Deipnon
  3. The Secular or Roman Calendar
    1. Tuesdays
    2. Festivals

i.      Reconstructions

  1. Areia
  2. Lesser Aresia
  3. Greater Aresia

ii.      Orginals

  1. Aresian Brotherhood Festival
  2. Aresian Sisterhood Festival
  3. Creating Your Own Festivals
    1. Purpose
    2. Elements of a Festival
    3. Timing
    4. Prayers and Rites for Special Purposes

i.      Soldiers and Miasma

ii.      Dedicating Weapons and Armor

iii.      Military Enlistment and Retirement

iv.      Police and Public Safety

v.      Retribution and Revenge

vi.      Protection of Property and Self-Defense

vii.      Cthonic and Plutonic

  1. Appendix I: Epithets of Ares
  2. Appendix II: Hellenic Terms and Vocabulary
  3. Appendix III: Lists of Offerings

5 comments on “Teaser!!!

  1. 3CountyLaugh says:

    Very Excited! Are you considering any discussion of his syncretism with Mars, Maris, or other dieties?

    • pthelms says:

      While it’s my intention to focus primarily on Ares, I will add a bit of compare/contrast, particularly with Mars, and describing cultic similarities and continuations.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    You have my attention!

  3. WynnDark says:

    You’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of you if that outline remains true, you’ll also have more than a few buyers lined up and ready to part with their coin. Good luck and may this challenge only make you and your faith stronger.

  4. […] come up in said cults. While this may not seem like a bold deviation from what is depicted on the outline (which is kind of out-dated, because I added a lot), the style is drastically different from the […]

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