Publishing Your Work

So my friend Lykeia came up with a great idea: what if all the polytheists got together and started up a publishing cooperative? It’d be like Llewellyn, except it wouldn’t suck! No, just kidding. It would be a group of authors who help each other edit, design, market, publish, and sell their work, with the payment being the same work for the others. Everyone brings in their talent and adds it to the group. You keep what you make, as all effort is on a volunteer basis, so there are no editing, marketing, or design costs.

The project is still in the works, but if you’d like to know more or even join in, leave a comment below or on Lykeia’s post.

One comment on “Publishing Your Work

  1. This is precisely how Asphodel Press got its start. You may want to contact them to have a professional chat about what definitely not to do. LOL. there is a learning curve. ….this is absolutely doable and so, so needed in all our communities.

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