Dreaming a little dream of…me?

So, I don’t really dream often. I simply don’t do it. My eyes even stay pretty still. What dreams I do have are all either super mundane (think grocery shopping) or so horrifically violent that they don’t bear retelling. However I did have one cool dream I thought you may all appreciate, especially if it’s all prophetic-like.


So there I am in Athens. Never been there, except by means of Google Earth, so yeah. I was staying in an apartment with a friend (I have no friends in Athens) near the Akropolis, which I took a really cool helicopter tour of. Except, this isn’t the same Akropolis you can visit today, because today it is in ruins. The one I visited was restored. Granted, it wasn’t a functioning temple prescient, but rather a museum and monument.

After the aerial tour, I walked around the grounds and the Areopagus, where vendors were selling replica statues and canvas prints of ancient frescoes and such. It was pretty awesome. I remember one marble of Ares a sculptor was working on, standing tall and defiant with a spear in hand, as if he were looking out surveying a battlefield. Others were in various stages of completion, and the whole district was filled with ancient-style craftsmen.

Too bad it was all just a dream. It would make for an amazing trip though.

One comment on “Dreaming a little dream of…me?

  1. lokisdattir says:

    My dream is to make a Roman Bathhouse in DC and make temples to all the Greek Gods. I’m planning on flooding the Metro so its like an underground river, a la Styx, and after bathing, you can waterslide down it. It is going to be great.

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