A Prayer

The following was sent in by a reader, Bernice:


Swift, fearsome, brazen, bloody and glorious warrior God Ares, your spirit is still alive in those that will hear your call. You are the mighty magnificent God of strength, manliness, courage, battle and a fierce protector of your children. You bestow courage and breathe life back into the hopeless. You are the wind beneath the wings of the oppressed and forgotten, giving them strength to fight another day. Your destructive power, a curse to some, is a blessing to others. You are the whisperer of hope to the soldier who fights for his country. You are the fervent lover and beloved to women, your arms as gentle as they are strong. Lord of abundance, your generosity grants life and prosperity.

Piercing Ares, fill my soul with your presence and forever linger, let your hands reach into the darkest realms of my heart and teach me to hold captive my human compulsions. Enlighten and guide me to lead a life worthy of your favor. Divine Father Ares, captivate my spirit, so that I will never give up and never succumb to despair. Please have faith in me Lord, though I may slip and stumble, no matter how treacherous the path, I will follow you forever. I will endlessly give you honor and praise for as long as a single cell of my being is left in the universe. Hail furious and precious Lord of war. Hail Lord Ares.

2 comments on “A Prayer

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you, this is beautiful šŸ™‚

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