Choosing Your Battles

I’ve thought of writing a scathing post about all the nambly-pambly nonsense going on in the Pagan community this week, but I figured it may not be a battle I want to get deep into, because I’m not a pleasant person when I get my hate on. Besides, I’m up to 48 subscribers, plus all the folks I whore out to on Facebook and I’d like those numbers to climb. After all, it’s not a blog about me.

Another thing I’ve decided not to get into is this Very Inspiring Blogger Award thing. While I do extend my thanks to both M. Shaffer at Magikos Studios and Morgana Rose at Notes from the Broomcloset for nominating/awarding me, it really is just too much like a chain letter for me to keep it going. I do know some really great blogs out there, but they’ll have to suffer through my private congratulations.

With all that being said, I want to leave everyone with a battle I did enjoy:

5 comments on “Choosing Your Battles

  1. seanmcdh says:

    My fav battle cry as well 🙂

  2. I just have to say that I doubt anyone is pleasant when they get their hate on….

    Thanks for the video; that made my day.

  3. Kullervo says:

    What namby-pamby nonsense? The fat stuff?

    • pthelms says:

      That, and the whining/bitching that’s accompanied it. Also the veiling. I’ve even seen a post about how it’s racially insensitive….

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