Fall is Ridiculous

There’s a huge part of me that hates Fall. On one hand, I’m my most creative during both Fall and Spring. On the other hand, both seasons are just so damned busy… Anyway, I thought I’d give everyone an update on to what’s going on in the world of Pete and Ares:

1: With 5 Pyanepsion falling on Saturday by Hellenion’s count, that means it’s finally time for the Greater Aresia! Isn’t that awesome? The transition into Fall and October also marks the relative start of the Spartan and Makedonian calendars, both very war-like states who may have set their calendars in relation to the war season, which is now coming to a close. Not that you might believe that, what with the recent attacks on US assets, but hey, modern warfare =/= ancient warfare.

2: I have successfully smelted bronze!!!! It’s not a very large amount, but it is enough to make small coins and the like. I think I am going to make some medallions in honor of the Aresia with my newly created metal bits. It should be fun. This of course only one small piece of a rash of devotional art I have started. For those of you who have checked out the Facebook page, you have seen the beginnings of those two projects. I’m also doing variations of the helmet I made, hopefully culminating in a solid bronze piece.

3: More creativity means more work on my book. Summer was a big lazy period, and may Ares forgive me for that. Luckily, three of my four classes (philosophy, ancient history, and sculpture) should keep me focused and gung-ho on writing, so maybe I can get a manuscript finished by February (no promises though). Speaking of books, Neos Alexandria is re-opening the call for submissions for Harnessing Fire, dedicated to Ares’ brother Hephaestos. I’ve already submitted a photo, and I’m considering doing a piece on the relationship between the two. Seeing as I’m doing that for my own book, it will be done regardless.

4: Last but not least, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite concert videos referencing one of my favorite myths:

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