Ares and Athene, and Inner Struggle

This week has been interesting and very long. Before you start, I do in fact know today is only Thursday (which I did not know this morning). School is ramping up, and for the last two days, my college has put on the annual School Daze, which is an expo of both student activities (clubs, services, and special programs) as well as local businesses offering a variety of products and services from housing and banking to local eateries and shops. Needless to say, it’s a big to-do. As a student employee of the college (I’m an English tutor), I was out there promoting our program. This, combined with the rampant political ass-hattery of politics on Facebook, had me thinking about a fundamental conflict in my nature; I’ve also seen this conflict espoused in many of my more civilized friends.

So what is this conflict? It’s a pretty classic one: The heart tells you to do one thing while your brain tells you it is more prudent to do the other. Ares goads one to rage, and Athene stays your hand for a better course.

For any regular reader of my blog, they would know I try to stay away from politics on here, minus that one little rant about SOPA. I also try not to spam my personal Facebook feed with political stuff. For those of those who actually know me well, I have some very strong opinions, and most of those go against the grain of many of my friends.

Now, there are some days Ares is there, figuratively whispering in my ear, telling me to go forth and burn the hell out of all the bridges I’ve built. Some days, I even think it would be fun. Ares is a god of conflict. I’m sure seeing me laying a verbal smack-down on my ideological/moral opposites would be highly amusing to him. What a riot that would be.

Thankfully, Athene bestowed upon me one of her most precious gifts:a filter. She knows, probably best of all, the value of keeping your mouth shut and picking your battles. Few people I’ve met don’t have a filter; indeed, our current “me” culture in the West actually discourages it. Take a look at any news outlet to see what not having a filter can do. Unfiltered BS-spewing is the closest any political system gets to being bipartisan. Athene can help us here, as she has helped me.

I love Ares, and he is my favorite god, but sometimes his influence can be a pain to deal with. So thank Zeus for Athene, and thank her for filters. Hail Ares!

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