Blasphemy and Other Such Things

Today was kind of interesting. I was accused of blasphemy, against Ares.

Just let that sink in for a sec.

So yeah. I was on Facebook, and in one of the many Hellenic groups I’m in, I commented on a photo of a statue of Adonis being attacked by a boar (Ares). Someone had called Adonis a god, which confused me because Nonnus called Adonis a mortal prince of Cyprus, so I commented to that fact. Eventually, someone, having not read the entire comment thread, asked, “Why is a pig trying to bite him (Adonis) in the ass?”

My answer really upset someone. I said, and  quote: “Ares can be a d**k…”

Enter the fiery wrath of doom. It got a little heated. The word “blasphemy” was never actually said, but the way “disrespect” was used, it was implied. This started yet another interesting thread which eventually devolved into a joke about rising up against the infidels who burn copies of the Theogeny. Yeah…

This brings me to a discussion of blasphemy. I’m totally sure, without even looking, that it was probably illegal in Hellas at one place or the other. Hell, dishonoring the Gods was the one thing that made the “corrupting the youth” charge actually stick to Socrates. Was calling Ares a penis the right thing to say, or the right way to phrase it? Probably not. What I don’t get is why that wouldn’t be between Ares and I.

You see this sort of behavior a lot though. Thankfully, most Hellenes aren’t as touchy as say Libyan extremists who have to kill an ambassador over a crappy movie. Yes, Wrath of the Titans was lame and totally messed up mythology, but so what? Do I need to destroy Hollywood now? No (even if I actually should >.>). If a god is offended, he’ll let you know, and you can take it from there. Hopefully, we can all keep our big kid underpants on and move on with our lives.

12 comments on “Blasphemy and Other Such Things

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Well, I at least am thoroughly amused by the manner in which you phrased your reply. You’ve said yourself that one of the reasons you have such great admiration for Ares is because his myths paint him as an imperfect being. That’s what makes him approachable (to a degree, there’s only so much approaching you can really do without getting the divine version of a warning growl but, oh well.) My existence is blasphemous to some. They’ll get over it. Or not.

    If you want help burning Hollywood……. 😉

  2. It is amazing how hyper sensitive some folks are….and considering the way the gods have been depicted in plays, I don’t think anyone would have batt an eye at such a statement. IT seems pretty well acknowledged, even by Homer, that Ares is just not a particularly nice guy….so whoever got a bug up their ass about your comment just needs to relax a bit. Not everything that the ancients said about the gods was always particularly sugary. In fact it is more realistic 😛

  3. J_Agathokles says:

    I’m gonna guess Arēs had something to do with it, and once the fiery wrath of doom came just sat back with a box of popcorn, grinning from ear to ear ;D

  4. M. Shaffer says:

    I totally agree that the mythos of Aries paints him as a dick. I think that if we were able to ask him about it, he would probably even say; “Yeah I’m a dick, so what?”. As you said one of the great things about the Greek gods is the fact they are imperfect, it makes them more relatable. Personally I always envisioned Aries being similar to Tony Stark.

  5. Being called a heretic is sort of a coming-of-age rite in the Hellenic community. So, today you are a man! In all seriousness, though, if you’re not offending people every now and then you’re not really doing it right.

  6. Natasha Handy says:

    i guess Ares can be a dick at times, but we still love him coz he is a “take no shit” or “take everything and give nothing back” kinda guy. In fact i bet he would laugh if you said it to his face coz he knows its true, but hey whatchya gonna do about it eh? i like Ares’s “painted” attitude in a “yeah i’m a dickk,/ Asshole” etc so what ?” just wish i had his attitude sometimes!! i still love himm anyway
    Hail Ares

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