As I am sitting here trying to get some work on my book done, I’ve come to a decision.

For the last portion of my book, I had planned on to include mostly drag-and-drop rituals and prayers that for the most part would be rather independent of each other. The point would be to let others, especially those who are more ritually unfamiliar with Ares or not so highly devoted to him to ease themselves into it, and to add what they needed and leave the rest.

The more I write in that section, however, the more I’ve come to think that that’s the wrong way to go. Therefore, I’m going to write the whole deal as a single, unified and holistically designed cult. I’m going to tie it all together, from founding the personal cult to implementing a liturgical calendar, and for addressing the issues that come up in said cults. While this may not seem like a bold deviation from what is depicted on the outline (which is kind of out-dated, because I added a lot), the style is drastically different from the one I had planned. Think of it as “A Year with Ares” type deal.

Also, with all the crafting I’ve been doing, I want to expand that section beyond ritual a bit and discuss the making of sacred objects like statues, as well as go over some of the common symbols and motifs found in Aresian religious culture. I may add things like creating a theophoric name, harmonizing an Aresian cult with others, maybe some divination, stuff like that. Of course, one could still use the rituals in a drag-and-drop sort of way, but it would make things easier to do written the new way. Also, it would be easy to take the skeleton out of the cult and apply it to a different god’s cult.

Yes, it is slightly more ambitious than I had previously planned, but I’m pretty sure Ares would prefer this over the former. And hey, when Ares says, “jump”, the correct answer is always, “How high?”.

2 comments on “Reconfiguration

  1. Wynn Dark says:

    “…and how long should I hang in the air” would be the rest of that. Sounds like you’ve cut out another good bit of work for yourself, I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure many others are as well.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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