Casting Day!

As the semester is ramping up to finish, my sculpture class finally got out to do our castings. It was pretty awesome, and my Ares Andreiphontes turned out to be one of the best pieces in the lot, having no unintentional flaws like some folks’ pieces. The owner of the joint also threw in a free scrap piece of Italian marble for me to use as a base. Now I just have to clean up the bronze and drill the base to hold the statue  and carve the inscription and it should be ready to dedicate.

The actual pouring was awesome. The metal was almost as thin as water in consistency, but of course was about 2400 degrees and heavy as all get-out. When poured, it was the color of a blood orange and had a silvery, metallic sheen, even as a liquid. Check out a few of the photos below or catch the video on the Facebook page to see what I mean. Make sure you have the volume off, because the audio is loud and garbled due to the machinery and wind.




4 comments on “Casting Day!

  1. henadology says:

    Awesome job.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    Awesome work!

  3. wynndark says:

    Congratulations, may it be put to good use in the name of Ares.

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