Projects for 2013

So my friends and I made a pact for 2013. We bought a journal, and declaring 2013 the Year of Epic Crafting, and any idea we come up with is to go into the book. Then if it is voted epic enough, in go the plans, which have to be signed off on by a majority of the guarantors (my friends and I who’ve already signed it). Anyway, I’ve already had a few ideas, inspired in no small part by a book I recently bought: The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading: An Encyclopedia of Independent Living by Nicole Faires. It’s pretty awesome. Most of my plans of course revolve around Ares and the other Olympians.

So far, I have two ideas for projects in addition to finishing my book. The first is to forge an iron xiphos, which was a leaf-blades short sword wielded as a secondary weapon to the dory (spear) by hoplites. Having gotten an anvil for Christmas, my blacksmithing supply list has come pretty close to completion, making that project possible.

The second project is a home-school curriculum. After a lot of thinking, I don’t really want my possible future children to go to either secular public schools or a Christian private school, so I at least need to test the viability of teaching them myself. I think I am going to use Drew Campbell’s  Religious Education Curriculum Outline [. . .] from Ecauldron as a skeleton. I actually plan on accelerating things, and of course adding math, science, etc.

Of course, pictures will most definitely follow year-long. As part of the deal, I’m also supposed to help my friends with their projects. So far, one friend is planning a liquor cabinet/smoke chest, and the other plans on making jewelry and such from metal clay (which is awesome material btw). Hope you enjoy following the project, and feel free to join in, at least in spirit (unless you can come sign the book 😛 ). Hail Ares!

2 comments on “Projects for 2013

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  2. ladyimbrium says:

    I will watch this endeavor with great interest.

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