PBP: B is for Books

The modern Pagan world is small, scattered, and lonely. Sure, some might be lucky enough to find a local group. but if you’re a purist like me, you’re lucky to even get along with people online. However, we as a community are lucky in the sense that many of us are creators, and out of that come a myriad of books.

Books are awesome, because they aid us in conveying and passing down ideas, traditions, and opinion. Some groups, like Hellenes, are particularly fortunate to have a large corpus of ancient books at our disposal which may pass down the thoughts and practices we attempt to emulate and adapt. They also help keep bring others into the fold, and keep worship alive even when there’s no direct passing of information by word of mouth or creation of kin (seriously though, Pagans need to start raising their children Pagan, but that’s another post for another time). If you’ll forgive me, I’m going to be shamelessly promoting some of the groups and individuals who have touched and taught me with their writing. While you’re waiting for my book to come out, buy these and learn something new!


1) Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Run by the group Neos Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a label that supports pagan writers of a Hellenic and Kemetic bent. They have about 17 titles published, the majority of which are devotionals to various Greek and Egyptian gods from Zeus to Serapis. They also have devotionals in production for various other gods (I have a photo in the Hephaestus one). The coolest thing about BA is the fact that proceeds of the sales go to charities selected to match the theme of the books in question.

2) Nysa Press

This is Sannion’s personal label, and is devoted to reviving the worship of Dionysos. He’s got six titles available, including one of my favorites, Gods and Mortals: New Stories of Hellenic Polytheism. If you’re a fan of Dionysos or Sannion, you really should be buying these books.

3) Nomos: The Polytheistic Publishing Cooperative

This is a new label, under which my forthcoming book will be published. In addition, currently published authors Lykeia and Allyson Szabo may be re-releasing their old material and adding new titles under the label. In addition, approximately 11 other authors (whom I’m not sure are published or not) are affiliated with the label. Hopefully we will take off and you should see some great titles coming out soon.


That’s all I have today. May the Mousai and Ares inspire your hands as well! Hail Ares!

One comment on “PBP: B is for Books

  1. Thank you this post. Although we do not travel a Hellenic path ourselves we appreciate the book recommendations.

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