Prayer to Ares Epekoos

So I’ve reached an impasse in writing this weekend. I realized my book may have to be split in two. The first part–which is very academic and analyzes myth, history, and goes very deep into philosophy–is taking forever to write. Part of that involves ridiculous amounts of research. The portion on Diomedes in book five of the Iliad (which only encompasses about a page and a half) took about three or four hours alone. However, the portion I’ve written on cult and all that is going much more smoothly, and is accruing material at a much faster pace. That part, however, does rely on some of the theological and historic points raised in the other portion of my writing. Thus, I’m stuck, and I’m not quite sure what to do.

Now, because I have two options (one big volume versus two smaller ones), I’m in a pretty good position for asking an oracle. I thought about asking Sannion, who does a monthly Dionysian oracle. However, I’m late for this month, and in addition, the little voice in my head is telling me I need to get more comfortable doing divination myself. Why? Well first off, Ares does have an oracle in the mountains of southern Anatolia–simply put, it’s part of His cult. Secondly, if I do want to become a priest, I need to become more receptive to the will of my god. So, in pursuit of an answer, I have composed a prayer to Ares Epekoos, he who listens, to grace me with an answer. I do hope it works, and that I can interpret any answer correctly. I don’t do tarot or anything like that, so I’m looking for a dream or a sign (I’m looking for woodpeckers, methinks). Cross your fingers!

Hear me, O Epekoos,

You god who listens to the purple-clad seers.

Listen to me, oh Ares,

I who have given you burnt offerings of young lambs,

I who have raised prayers to you on sweet smoking altars,

Lend me your ear and answer my inquest

Show me, oh giver of good counsel, as I may see,

Whether it is better to give the first course or the second.

Show me, oh Rallier of men, as I may see,

Whether I shall rally in ones or twos.

Pray to thee I do for your token in answer,

A sign as I may see your will,

You who give council to those who raise your banner.

6 comments on “Prayer to Ares Epekoos

  1. J_Agathokles says:

    So I take it Epekoos is an epithet referring to Arēs’ oracular functions?

    • pthelms says:

      From what I’ve read, there are two translations, “He Who Listens” and “the Attender”, which Gonzales gives in Cults and Sanctuaries as the epithet of the oracular Ares in Anatolia. That name was found on fragments in the area, and he thinks they belong to that cult given their findspots.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    He listens, alright. I read Tarot, and pretty well. It’s not something I generally offer to people unless they are actually sitting in front of me but hit me up if you think it would be useful to you. Otherwise, ever try pyromancy? I don’t always “get” what the flame is saying but it feels like it might be worth it for you to explore. Or perhaps something to do with bones… both of those feel like possibilities. Hope that helps.

  3. If you are in a situation like this again, we also offer oracle readings here at Thessaly.

  4. wynndark says:

    Knucklebones feel real good in the hand, I’m endeavoring to learn the Greek Alphabet Oracle using knucklebones instead of the actual letters, which requires more memorization than I’ve had to do in some time (good practice for EMT training) and I’d recomend getting your hands on some just to see how they feel to you. Good luck in your divination and in your writing!

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