Prayer to Ares

A great one from AJ 🙂

4 of Wands

Ares, god of war
son of Zeus and Hera
forceful and strong
god of tumult and confusion
delighting in battles
and the chaos caused.
Hated by many
yet where do they turn
when defense is on the line?
Chained, are your statues
to keep your might close.
Handsome, Beloved of Aphrodite
and protective father are you.
Protect our soldiers
while away,
while at home.
Aid them in their roles
whether warrior, lover or parent.
Let not their battle readiness
lead them to pointless strife.
Aid your children.
Show them how to rest
how to unwind and let go
even as you do
in your beloved’s bower.
As they stow their weapons
let not memories of the past
be their undoing
having survived thus far.
I ask this of you
oh might Ares.

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2 comments on “Prayer to Ares

  1. Aj / Melia says:

    thanks for the share!

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