So the other day, I was reading though the Hellenic Pagan Facebook group, and one person posted a question about what divination methods folks use. I generally don’t use divination (more on that in a minute), but I did mention that when I do, I use bird signs.

The interpretation of bird signs is a traditional Hellenic method, and that’s about as much I know of the subject formally. Also, its technical name is orinthomancy (that may or may not be spelled correctly; my phone thinks it’s wrong). I certainly don’t use any real method. I simply say a short prayer to whatever god I’m asking at the moment, ask for a sign given by a particular pattern (generally in numbers) and wait a few days.

For example, the other week I asked Ares, particularly Ares Epeekoos, whether He would prefer me write one book or two. After that, I looked for his birds; figuring a number would be an obvious sign, and the species indicating a positive or negative response (woodpeckers being positive as described in myth and his others [buzzards, vultures, and certain owls] being all negative, I would get my answer. I did see my sign soon after: two woodpecker nests drilled into a living tree. I later confirmed this through a separate oracle from Sannion.

However, I don’t even do that sort of thing often. My intuitive record is pretty good–I’m just right most of the time. It’s usually little things: sports matches, what’s in the fridge at the moment, etc. big things usually work out, too, but I trust my gut.

Well, that’s about it. Why not share your experience?

5 comments on “Divination

  1. Ornithomancy is the correct spelling, I think.

    • Also, it’s cool to read this post because of how synchronous it is with my practices at the moment.

      I haven’t been doing much divination lately either (used to do more in the past), but I also have been paying attention to the flight of birds.

      Not so much in asking questions and having them answered, but more just seeing them as reminders of the gods’ presence in my life.

      I was just at the beach praying to Mazu, and saw a seabird diving into the water for fish. Not sure how much to read into it, but it reminded me that she is a patron of fishermen, and that even though she’s known as a compassionate goddess the world is a competitive place.

  2. I tend to do ornithomancy myself too…which is harder up here in the winter heh. But that tends to be my primary go to method before anything else.

  3. ladyimbrium says:

    I’m not sure what the name for it is, but generally if I see something, an animal or a cloud or a plant or some strange color at sunset- it’s more about whether or not something strikes me as being significant- I will look up or sometimes simply intuit possible meanings for the omen. I’m usually correct.

  4. Conor W. says:

    I prefer to use Orthinomancy, but I’ve always been trying to get a better grasp on the alphabet oracle (which I believe is a traditional method. I need to dive into it more.) I also use the tarot. My track records have been pretty good. I’d say for orhtinomancy I have about a 90 percent rate and somewhere in the 80 percent rate for tarot. Most of my ‘failures’ aren’t ‘absolutely wrong’ just more along the lines of ‘I don’t know how to effing interpret this’. So I wind up with something horribly horribly vague and useless to me.

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