Prepare your Foreheads

There’s going to be a debate tonight. Needless to say, I’m turning off my phone. I wish I were friends with a doctor/dentist so I could get some lidocain to numb my forehead for the inevitable facepalming I’m sure to do. I will, however, be taking notes. Should at least be interesting.

There was some other stuff I wanted to write about, but for the sake of there not being too many cooks, take a look at some fabulous soup simmering out there:

Dawn sums up how I feel about pretty much everything spiritual this week

Suz talks about not having a real home in the community. 

I know there’s a good part of me that’s the bad guy here, if only indirectly at times. The sentiments related, however, still resonate with me.

Oh well. As Samuel L. Jackson once said: Hold on to your butts.

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