Great Show Tonight

Galina hosted an awesome show tonight.

I broke my rule and did not turn off my phone; I tried calling in but some god or other was nice enough to make sure I didn’t get through.

There were some great points made on most sides, but the one I liked most was”You won’t see anyone calling Spiderman an Orisha because some old man in a hut is gonna knock you upside your head for trying that s**t. It wouldn’t fly in Santeria.” Honestly, I never got into the hero debate (mostly because I care very little about the whole debacle). I acknowledge things I feel are blasphemous exist and there’s very little than tedious, tedious (and expensive!) genocide. No one wants that. Also, I don’t have time for that. My midterms are next week.

The section that I wish got more play was the concept of experience and the critical missing addendum to that: infrastructure.

So in the Aresian spirit of stirring s**t up, here’s my take and/or suggestions:

1) Having “elders” (a hokey and ineffectual term at best) is great, and they are underutilized. People with experience they can pass down are important. Even more important is that they step up whether they want to or not. It would also be nice if they would be relatively stable and not drop out of what little community we have (I’m talking folks like Drew Campbell, et alii) when they get bored or political or whatever.

2) Having elders means squat without some sort of infrastructure. Blogs and books are great, but people need real, face-to-face interaction. Until we can start building real temples, we need to do something to get together, even if we don’t know/like each other.If a bunch of eccentric types can get together to give a monthly steampunk shindig (with only a $5 cover per person no less), we should be able to do it. The bar should help.

3) Face-to-face stuff is essential if we want to get anywhere in life. You can’t truly like anyone (or hate them) if you don’t really know them. Most of us keep our personal lives out of our blogs (mostly).

One comment on “Great Show Tonight

  1. turanbm says:

    You are absolutely right! It is very frustrating when people just want to argue, rant and rave online but when it comes to actually taking a true consistent leadership role, things suddenly get quiet. I think people can learn to like each other if they just take the time and make some kind of effort.

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