A Touch of Madness

So a week or so ago, I asked Sannion for an oracle. Because I am taking art classes, and figuring it was my second or third from the god, I asked Dionysos if he’d like anything. He asked for a crown of grapes and ivy. Simple enough. But then the line finished with this:

You’ll understand why later

Of course, I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time. How was I supposed to? Unfortunately, I think I’ve discovered the reason.

Play with a mad-god, and you will go mad.

Now, I pride myself on my dickish coolness, by which I mean I’m so cold, detached, and frank that I come off as a dick. I’m totally okay with it. I’m so awfully rational that words like”robotic” and “inhuman” have been used to describe me in harsher conversation. I made the mistake of telling the god I like a woman, though. Now I keep thinking in poetry. It’s awful it is. I can’t focus in class or at work. I can hardly write this. This is the sort of nonsense that goes through my head lately:

Never should a man be so unfortunate as to wax poetic over a woman. He suffers a deficit in focus until his sanity leaves him, and he enjoys every moment of it. Such is the woe that befalls the heart.

See that? I’ve written three poems in two days. On the other hand, my art is getting much better. That’s something I guess.

In other news, today/tomorrow we commemorate the death of one of the greatest generals of all time, Alexander the Great and Undefeated. Gods keep him. And, for him, a gift:

Golden-haired son of Zeus, equal of Ares

Master of fleet-footed Bucephalus

Conqueror of Nations

King of Greece

Pharaoh of Aegyptus

Emperor of Persia

Overlord of Asia

Husband of Roxana

Lover of Hephaestion

We honor you this day on the anniversary of your death

May you return to lead us again, great strategos

And before then relish your bliss in Elysium

One comment on “A Touch of Madness

  1. J_Agathokles says:

    I assume you mean “Overlord” instead of “overload” 😉

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