Super Phun Thyme

Looks like the idea of going low-tech is catching on. I have two letters drafted and will be hitting the post office tomorrow. I may write a few more in anticipation of getting more addresses. I’m really hoping that some real cool conversations happen. Nothing like keeping a stack of letters to make one nostalgic for the olden days I pretty much never lived in…

That being said, I apologize in advance to any of you I write to that cannot read my handwriting, because I’m not typing any of my letters. That’s just too impersonal. No, you can look forward to my signature imperial purple ink and flowing, colonial-style handwriting (I’m told it’s rather girly). I hope to see letters in my mailbox, and you can look forward to your own as soon as I get addresses. Gotta use this whole book of stamps somehow.

One comment on “Super Phun Thyme

  1. Yea, actual letter-writing. What a concept. šŸ™‚ Hopefully you can keep that going and start various correspondences that lead to something good.

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