Silent July

So, Silent July begins tomorrow for those of you who are participating. No internet. No Facebook. No non-essential e-mail (still gotta monitor it for work stuff, but nothing else!). For me, that also means no games or Netflix, or anything like that. I’m not even sure if I’ll keep my computer on. And guys—no internet means none of what the internet was made for (you know what I mean). Life is gonna be hard for a lot of people, me included.

But that’s okay. I’m expecting big things to come of this. I’ve already received one letter and sent two. But to me, that’s small potatoes. I’m expecting bigger things—things like this lyre, which I made for my music class. Things like Lykea’s statuary or Melia’s cross-stitch projects. I expect people to start doing stuff (or continue doing it if you’re already hardcore). Because here’s the thing: we polytheists have a decent literary/intellectual culture (despite what you may want to argue), but that’s only a fraction of what culture really is. Culture is also the goods people produce, the artifacts they create to be left behind when their creators’ bones are long past turned to dust.

Most of all, I’m expecting real community building to occur. Not necessarily the “let’s get together and party” type of community, but the digging and sweating and foundation-laying part of getting to know other people on a more personal level through letters and post cards. Lady Ibrium wrote to me about how interesting it will be not to be writing for the faceless mob that any audience is, but for one person at a time. Without that filter, we can’t say what will happen. I know I keep as much of my personal life out of my blog as possible, but in a letter, with my loopy, flowing (and sometimes annoyingly girlish) penmanship, people get to look into my regular, boring world.

That being said, I do have a few goals I want to keep over the course of my time off of the Internet:

  • Start my sword
  • Design at least one major gift for each Olympian god plus Dionysos, to be completed within a year (though some are already complete)
  • Finish Dionysos’ crown
  • Design my own festival calendar, and start following it (even if I hate holidays)
  • Make significant, measurable progress on my books, at least a chapter each
  • Read at least one of the books on my shelf that haven’t been read yet
  • Start an offering ledger (it’s something old priests used to do that I think is pretty cool)
  • All the art!!!!!!

For those who will be keeping in touch with me through snail mail, I apologize in advance for writing your eyes off regarding the above topics and their progress over July and beyond. I’ll probably add to this list, as my ambition knows no bounds, even if it outstrips my motivation. This is of course all in addition to school (I’ve got Art Appreciation and Ceramics 2) and the normal humdrum of life. I can’t wait to see what everyone else gets up to. If you still want in on the letter writing, I will check my email one last time tomorrow evening. The email is . See you in August!

One comment on “Silent July

  1. I also like the idea of an offering ledger. I think that is something we may start here as well. Thanks for sharing.

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