Change Is Coming

Over the next few days, you should see some changes and additions coming to the Aspis. Looking through my blog, it’s a bit messy, so I’m going to be adding, condensing, and cleaning things up. First on my list will be cleaning up the blog roll. I’ve been reading some, not so much reading others, and there quite a few I pay attention to that aren’t on the list

The second, more major bit of upgrading I plan to do is to make a more harmonious, all-encompassing Ares resource (well, as extensive as possible), including book lists and reviews, collections of pertinent websites and articles, links to various websites where you might obtain statuary and other artwork for shrines, and whatever other resources I can find and/or think of. Speaking of artwork, I plan on adding a new section to display both my own creations and whatever I can find of other artists (properly credited of course) to beautify the blogosphere and enrich both my and other’s practice.

The whole of these changes are meant to reinforce the most important change/addition to my blogging. Starting this Noumenia, my blog will also serve as a liturgical diary in which I keep track of my daily practice with prayers and reflections for each day. My hope is that  it will help me maintain some manner of discipline in keeping my offerings up, opening up my practice to other gods, and establishing more firmly my Ares cultus while making it part of a larger whole. As this goes on, I hope to save many of these into a semi-interactive liturgical calendar under its own section. I will be basing my calendar around Hellenion’s for the time being, but I plan on adding and subtracting festivals and such as circumstances dictate, as well as moving some festivals to suit my local climate and agricultural climate. I think doing so will best assist me in keeping pious, as well as serve as a framework for those who want to follow along. After all, this blog is a devotional project.

As for some minor stuff, I do plan on doing some more videos, though I’m not sure how I want to execute them. I was thinking about a question-and-answer format, but we will see. I also want to get back on the ball writing about various soldiers and battles from history. Who knows, maybe I might add some fun stuff here and there. That’s all for now. Hail Ares, and see you tomorrow for the Noumenia!

2 comments on “Change Is Coming

  1. These changes are really exciting and I look forward to seeing them enacted here. Hail Ares!

  2. I look forward to the Ares resources!

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