1 Metageitnion

So last night began the new month. I gave an offering to the “gods of the Noumenia” because I forgot exactly who they are, which I feel bad about. I never really cared for the tiny holidays, so I never really payed attention. I offered a libation of Ino, which is one of the few dry red imports form Greece and is very reasonably priced.

Thankfully the gods seemed pleased. Even though I’ve come down with my one yearly cold, I got two great emails today: one offered free Tim Horton’s, and the other a free suit from Jos A Bank (they’re one of the pricier retailers, so I’m excited) as a gift to vets from the Gary Sinise Foundation.

I’ve spent the majority of the day wanting to skip class, but I need to finish these molds for casting, so no skipping for me.

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