7-9 Metageitnion

The last few days have been interesting. Libations were offered to a few gods. It was a little weird offering to Poseidon and Theseus. I’ve never been a fan of either, really. In fact, I absolutely hate water and avoid it except to bathe and/or not die of dehydration. I always get terribly seasick despite being born into a sailing family (my grandparents used to do the Mackinac race every year). Hell, swimming is a part of most Michigan public school curricula, and in many districts, you can’t graduate without it.

I did have a very odd dream last night, however. At first I was on a ship, with pirates. That didn’t last very long, as I was sent to hunt this giant white stag. It was probably six feet tall at the shoulder and living on a steep, Rocky Mountain covered in deep green mosses and lichens. The hunt occurred at night with moonlight, but I didn’t see what phase. I shot the stag, and somewhere along the course of the dream he transformed into a walrus. No clue why. Anyway, I sank probably twenty or so arrows deep into its flesh, but it just wouldn’t die. I went to fetch a knife, blue and very, very sharp, to end the poor beast, but it gave me this very sad look that said, “No, the knife is cheating, you must use the arrows.” That’s about where I woke up. I’m not one to remember dreams, and those I do remember are just the standard killing folks (I have those dreams a lot, because of war and all). This dream was oddly vivid and outside the normal symbolism of my dreamscape. Anyone care to interpret? Because I have a feeling this one means something. I made sure to thank whatever god it was that gave me the dream, but thanking is not understanding. Should be fun to learn, however. Until then, hail Ares!

4 comments on “7-9 Metageitnion

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Within a Hellenic framework, the stag is usually associated with Artemis, isn’t it? I’d start there.

  2. Tess Dawson says:

    It sounds like the prey was leading the hunt, not the hunter, and guiding you on how best to hunt. And it sounds like perhaps the prey you thought you were hunting or wanted to hunt turned out to be different from the prey you caught. Kudos to you for trying to check which moon phase it was in your dream…

  3. Drekfletch says:

    Pirate ship in Hellenic context makes me think of Dionysos and the Pirates. The pirates kidnapped Him and were turned into dolphins as punishment for the disrespect. What was your position with the pirates? Member, passenger, or captive? Were you sent by the pirates to hunt, or was there a disconnect? aka. Were the pirates exposition or mood?
    The White Stag is a fairly standard Special Hunt subject, usually of the Big Game Challenge type. What associations do you have with night missions vs. day missions, when you factor for about equal vision issues?
    The Rocky Mountains of the American west are tectonic, a feature that often comes with earthquakes. Add that to the obviously oceanic walrus, and association with Poseidon can be read into it. But I’m getting the impression that the Rocky Mountain has primarily a terrain meaning. I don’t know enough about hunting to say what, but it probably had some impact on ease/difficulty of the hunt.
    You were shooting the walrus; why? Were you big game hunting for the challenge, hunting for food, or was it a more warlike attack. Were the arrows having any effect, or was it just absorbing them? Was it a walrus when you started shooting, or was it still a Stag? Was the very sad look of the self-sacrifice type or of the pained type.
    The reaching for a knife I see as going for upgraded methods, when traditional methods are more appropriate, if less… expeditious. I also feel there’s a weapons/combat thing going on, too. Ranged vs. Melee.

    Interpretation aside, I find it odd you don’t connect through the Navy. Okay, interpretation not aside, ranged vs melee may refer to cannon, torpedo, and rocket warfare vs boarding ships. The White Stag is kind of a non-virgin stand in for the unicorn, so is something sought-after. Your libations reveal a desire to be more inclusive, so perhaps He was trying to suggest a meeting-place.

  4. DragonKeeper says:

    A white stag is the symbol of the “Questing Beast” . I’m a little sketchy where that particular myth is from, but the idea is that if you can successfully best the questing beast, hunt him down and mortally wound him (as he cannot actually die from mortal weapons) he will grant you a wish or a fortune–the actual story changes depending on where you hear it from. I have no idea about the pirates, nut maybe the stag is trying to tell you something? maybe you have to seek out your prey with more of a passion for victory, for there is a greater reward than you realize?
    Not sure beyond that.

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