The Old Ways are the Best Ways

If ur n0t @ rec0n, ur wr0nG!!!!

Wait, no, that’s not today’s message. Today’s post is about sculpting! Mostly.

Today was the first day I’ve put a chisel to stone. I’ve tried power tools before (because who doesn’t love power tools?), but I tell you what, nothing has been more effective than that hammer and chisel. It has me really excited for next week when I start my next sculpture class. Now, I haven’t used a proper chisel; I improvised with a sharp piece of tungsten used for TIG welding that I no longer use, but it worked pretty well. Better than my diamond grinding bit for my rotary tool, anyway. It really makes me excited to buy some real chisels and get into working.  It really goes to show that even with all the tech in the world, sometimes the old ways are best.

I think I’ll be much happier when my VA book money comes; I have quite the supply list, the priority being some porcelain for casting. My music professor from last semester also wants a lyre, and of course there’s the supplies I’ll need for painting this term as well. Art is expensive >.<

In other news, I’ve made a few offerings to Ares and Aphrodite lately. I know Ares is attentive as given by the woodpecker that visited yesterday, but I think Aphrodite is playing hard to get. She and I have a tenuous relationship at best. I’ve made a vase for her, covered with forget-me-nots and ivy, and I really hope the glaze doesn’t destroy the underpainting. Same thing with the libation dish I threw for Ares :-/. Only time can tell on that one.

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