Moving Along

I have finally settled on a title for my book: The Areistai: Rebuilding the Cult of Ares for Modern Hellenismos. The Areistai were the Guardians of Ephesos, devoted to Ares and keepers of his cult in the sacred city. I thought this an appropriate title for the work which the book attempts to do–keep the cult of Ares alive.

I apologize to those anticipating the next Ares 101 post about shrine building; WordPress is being a butt and I’m having a very hard time uploading images into the post. I could simply refer you to Facebook of course, but I don’t want to do that to those of you who don’t want sucked into Facebook. Instead, it shall be postponed until I can get the tech issues sorted out.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the new posts by the way. There has been a lot of positive feedback regarding my recent interview, and there have been many people out there coming to me about Ares’ worship since. I’m beaming with pride for my god that he is being so exalted as of late. You all deserve as much of the credit as I for making this happen. I just want you to know that Ares and I appreciate the encouragement. Hail Ares!

2 comments on “Moving Along

  1. Good title, and good work on your part. Appreciated here. Hail Ares!

  2. Janelle says:

    I wanted to thank you. Your site has been very helpful and I look forward to more of your writings. While I am not new to Paganism, I am new to devoting my self to a god or goddess. I have been in a sense wondering trying to find the right god that I could really be proud of worshipping. And thanks to your blog and others, I have found the god I have been looking for. So thank you again for your helpful and informative works and hope to see more.

    Hail Ares!

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