Grumble Mumble

This has been an interesting week, and it’s only Tuesday.There has been a lot to grumble over, what with racist scandals, the ever-popular Dionysian dramatist Sannion being a cheeky bastard, and then there was a post tag someone tried adding to one of my posts, decrying how the American people are a “self-anointed priesthood of Ares” and should “be steadfastly ignored.” Motherf**kers.

Now, I am all for the free exchange of ideas, and despite my loathing for anti-war types in general, I fully support the idea that people are allowed to criticize any government they please (or any other group of people for that matter). My problem is the idea that the American people, who are becoming more and more irreligious, even anti-religious, every day, are anywhere close to being a “priesthood” to Ares. Engaging in the acts of the god and serving as his priests are two very, very different things. It floors me really, but then, I’ve come to expect this from people.

I don’t think I would feel so indignant if I wasn’t feeling so priestly lately. Really, I blame all of you. The “Hellenic community” you. I even requested an oracle to settle the subject, with this response: “It will be most impressive to try for it now even though you may not be quite prepared.” Perhaps this incident serves as a way to sober me against notion, I don’t know. And then there were some search terms that made me sad: “why do people not worships ares” ; “is it bad to worship ares”. (“sex is pthelm” made me giggle).

People do not worship Ares because I haven’t done enough work yet. I’m getting there, random seeker, but it’s a long way off. And no, other random querent, it isn’t bad to worship Ares (unless of course the monotheists are right, but my gnosis says otherwise). I would say there is still a lot of negativity surrounding Ares’ cult, but honestly, I don’t think that’s true. The truth, most likely, is that Ares doesn’t inspire everyone the same way he inspires me, and that’s fine. I will still extol the virtues of Aresian worship regardless of how few people I may actually reach, because in the end, this blog is a devotional offering. I will always evangelize, but I don’t really have pews to fill. I will continue writing for my god, and I will continue to be the sex 😉 Hail Ares!

11 comments on “Grumble Mumble

  1. Sulphur Blue says:

    The more I read from you the more I love you.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    I realize you’re grumbling but portions of this made me giggle. Which is probably not what you intended…

    Racist, sexist, whateverist “people” will always find an excuse to ramble around and piss off large portions of the internet. It’s kinda what they do.

    Sannion IS a cheeky bastard, that’s his schtick.

    Americans can’t handle the watered down, dumbed down religion they’ve still got, much less the complex scholarly pursuit that would be any kind of reconstructionist priesthood. We’re not good at thinking things over, most of us. But we (and I use the pronoun only in the loosest sense) are very good at picking global fights. I’m not particularly anti-war, but I’d really like to finish one before we start another. Just on general principle, if nothing else.

    Someone found me by searching “facebook fuck” and found my post wherein I was ranting at facebook. I was amused.

    • pthelms says:

      To be fair, some giggling is called for. I can’t even say “I am the sex” without smirking. And yes, indignation can be silly in and of itself. But really, there are days when I just wanna bring back the eugenic programs of the past. Or bring Khan into reality. And you can call me racist, but the role of Khan should not have been given to such a pale white guy. Khan is from northern India. JJ Abrahms made a bad call there.

      • ladyimbrium says:

        Yeah I refer to that entire Hollywood and etc. tendency as the blue eyed Jesus phenomenon. I get your desire for accuracy.

  3. For what it is worth, I pretty much keep my mouth shut on my worship of Ares. I just get so tired of feeling like I have to defend it all the time to other Hellenics, or even other pagans in general who seem to equate all things non-fluffy-squishy-lovey as bad. And, honestly, the bitter bullshit on most Hellenic mailing lists had me unsubscribing from a good 90% of them in the past week.

    I find your posts fascinating, because up until I found your blog, I had met (online or in person) exactly one other person who worshiped Ares, and I always wonder how other people go about it. Not because I feel what I do or don’t do is wrong, but just out of genuine curiosity.

    I should probably update my own blog at some point.

    • pthelms says:

      Writing is good, even if it’s for your own catharsis. People get their panties in a bunch way too often I’ve found. I ignore most message groups; I only scan them for stuff on Ares. And if you consider that each group shares at least 80% of another’s members, it doesn’t make sense to be in more than one.

  4. It is not sobering you against the idea. Simply, it prepares you for what comes. Sometimes we have to fight for these things, battling ignorance and prejudice as we go. The gods are worth it. You’re well suited to the task; I say go for it with gusto.

    • pthelms says:

      I appreciate the support. I also appreciate that folks stand me being grumpy every once in a while. I try to keep personal stuff out of my articles, but every once in a while something sets me off bad enough to write it out. Thanks for the patience 🙂

  5. Reading this post I definitely agree that sex is pthelm.

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