Some Gnosis

Just dropping some knowledge on y’all regarding a few offerings of late.

I offered whiskey to Ares last night and received a pretty strong, almost immediate reaction. Also, Tess Dawson (who has recently given some offerings to our god) said black coffee works very well, too.


That’s all, carry on. Hail Ares!

7 comments on “Some Gnosis

  1. Whiskey huh? Never would have even thought of that for an Olympian. Learn something new.

  2. Sulphur Blue says:

    I asked Lu once how well he’d take to Champagne. He gave me a very emphatic yes. So I took it apon myself to go shopping.

    You ever been shopping with a *really* poncy god? Let me tell you. Taking this man into a Bevmo is like taking a toddler into a toys R’ us and a candy store plus a build-a-bear combined.

    IE, take cash, and a BIG wallet. T.T

    • Tess Dawson says:

      I know of what you speak…. ūüėČ

      • Sulphur Blue says:

        I’m like. . . bb. Darlin. Dear. Love of my soul. . . . for the love of all things unholy. NO. I can’t afford a 200 dollar bottle of Montrachet. Lets try the 30 dollar Wildhorse please? At least that one doesn’t require an arm and a leg and a ritual sacrifice.

        . . . That last was factitious humor, btw. :3

        (Actually most of it was. He usually manages to keep my finances in mind.

        . . .

        Usually. )

  3. Tess Dawson says:

    He seems to like either espresso in a fine china demitasse cup or plain black coffee in a sturdy mug: the coffee is best hot. I got the feeling, too, that he would take the coffee out of an MRE in a pinch if there were not other options. No cream, no milk, no sugar, no cinnamon garnish, no mocha-frappa-macchia-.whathaveyou.

    When I served him espresso, just shy of half the coffee evaporated out of the demitasse cup in about three hours. I don’t recall ever seeing that before with a libation.

    When I asked “Why coffee” the reply I seemed to get was “Without war, without colonization, there would be no coffee. Besides, soldiers like coffee.” So, like the message or not, that’s what I heard.

    (Note: Ares’s views on colonization do not reflect my own. I have some mixed feelings on the matter. I hate what happened/s to indigenous populations during colonization, but at the same time without colonization my ancestors would not exist. So don’t shoot the messenger.)

  4. Aj / Melia says:

    This leaves me to wonder if that is why after 42 years of avoiding coffee I’ve been suddenly drinking it…well it certainly encourages my exercise regime.

  5. Meg says:

    Ha, this is kind of cool that you came to the same conclusion. Whiskey, specifically Jameson, has been my offering of choice for Ares since 2008 or so.

    He accepted Glenlivet grumpily when I was stuck in Germany with no other options a year ago, but I got the feeling Jameson was better to him.

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