Dividends, Part II

So the last part of this post thread was about how I think the polytheist community is maturing and how all the hard work folks are doing is beginning to pay dividends. There’s been a lot of investing going on by many different people, but I wanted to acknowledge the primary shareholders (sorry for all the banking metaphors, but Ares is the gold-broker of souls in Aeschylean theology): the gods.

It’s really nice to notice how the gods insert themselves into our lives, especially when we ask. As I’ve said before, I’m not exactly in touch with the numinous side of things. It’s hard to reason though that all of the positive communal kharis is a result of work alone; even the most carefully planned and built house suffers the winds of fate, rendering work for gain or naught. We people may have made the offerings, established the websites, or put up our money towards various endeavors, but it’s the gods who think we’ve finally sown enough to reap.

Maybe it just isn’t very apparent to me, but the idea of thankfulness just doesn’t seem to come up very often in polytheism. Of the three reasons to pray, I notice more on a account of honor or for want of things. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, and for all I know people are just very private about it.  I just wanted to do a round of thank-yous to the gods, and thank them for the attention they’ve given us, especially lately.

There’s a cliche saying that goes around the internet a lot, that the gods only give you what you can handle. Well I’m thankful they finally feel we’re doing good enough by them to help us prosper as we have been. It’s motivation, at least to me, to remain prayerful.

3 comments on “Dividends, Part II

  1. Gypsy and I have enjoyed reading these two blog posts. We too remain prayerful in our lives. There are so many times in our lives where we have felt the gods moving us like chess pieces and not understanding why until much later. We believe, with all of our hearts and souls, that now is the time for us to come together and find a sense of ourselves. The community has suffered through its pains and tribulations and still there are those of us who have stayed the course and, as you say, it is now time for the blessings to manifest.

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  3. I also very much enjoyed part 1 and 2 of this post. I believe praying for thanks is the most important part of our prayers to the Gods because they play a big part in our lives. Personally my husband and I give thanks to our Theoi (divine parents) daily after giving offerings because not only is it respectful but again we believe it to be necessary.

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