At the Gates

Meet me at the gates, Lord,
And we shall meet them.
I shall bear your spear, Oxos,
And together we shall pierce them.
No strength shall avail them to us,
And they shall be laid low,
An offering to smoke at your feet,
Their gore to adorn your shield.
We shall meet them at the gates, oh Ares,
And a great cry shall go out,
And the earth herself will tremble,
For no blade on the plain shall be left unslaked
The earth shall be made quick with their blood,
And their fear at our countenance shall forever stain the field,
And we shall spill from the gates, Andreiphontes,
And each soul shall be an offering.
Let no man be still,
Let him be filled with your fury, oh Theritas.
Let them rush as a wave for the boatman’s care, and let hades host them in the twilight.
Meet me at the gates, you lion-hearted god,
And men shall sing our hymn forever more!

One comment on “At the Gates

  1. Excellent! I imagine it chanted to the sound of swords beating on shields!

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