Updates and other such nonsense

I really haven’t written anything good in a long time, just a hymn and a post forced upon me by circumstance. It’s terrible and I’d rather not talk about it. Besides not feeling myself, I’ve been terribly busy between class, my new job as an editor at the school paper (and as my boss says, it has a long way to go to come up to par; time for some military discipline), and dealing with people. I have a bunch of art projects coming out of the kiln soon, so that makes me happy.


Some things to know: Thessaly Temenos has created a registration page to get a tentative headcount for the Hellenic Revival Festival. It’s really important you register ASAP so everyone can do as much planning as possible. Galina and Sannion offered to help me put on the Ares ritual, which should be pretty decent considering over 30 of you responded to the poll.  In addition, a new Shrine of Ares group has been created on Facebook for you social media-savvy folks. I’m also working on another project I’m not quite ready to announce, but you’ll know it when you see it.

I do have a request: if anyone knows which old philosopher spoke about the three reasons to pray, I would love to know–I can’t finish my next Ares 101 post without properly quoting/paraphrasing the source. My memory is generally pretty sharp, but I’ve been distracted lately. Hell, it was hard enough writing this post. But hey, keep calm and Hail Ares!

3 comments on “Updates and other such nonsense

  1. Exciting news! Can’t wait for the unveiling of your projects. Was this, by chance, the quote you were looking for:

    “There are, moreover, three reasons altogether for sacrificing to the gods: to honor them, to give thanks, or from need of some thing. We ought to offer the gods the first-fruits of all we receive, for it is their generosity that makes our living possible. Further we honor the gods because we want evil to be averted from us and those we love or for an increase of good things, or out of gratitude because they have benefited us in the past or simply to honor their condition of goodness.” – Theophrastos, as quoted in Porphyry’s On Abstinence from Animal Foods 2.24

    • pthelms says:

      Pretty much. That’s not the exact one, but it’s really close. It may be one of those instances where many folks said almost the same thing. But thanks!

      • Yeah, I can think of at least four other quotes that basically make the same triadic argument. I suspect it was a common theological trope perhaps originating in the school of Pythagoras.

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