The Gods Are Not Self-Help Mechanisms


Sour Mead

I’ve noticed a troubling trend in the online polytheist community. People, more than ever, are coming out of the woodwork and being vocally devoted to this god or that god. However, when reading through an online shrine to a god this week, I noticed one question where someone asked why people had become a devotee of this particular god. There were several answers all along the usual lines, but the ones that bugged me were ones that went roughly like this: “I became drawn to/a devotee of [such-and-such God] because they really help me get in touch with my [X] side, develop my [X] skills, and give me [X]. [Such-and-such God] really teaches [X] to me.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. A certain amount of self-improvement in the name of the gods is all well and good. We should all strive to be worthy servants. But what’s wrong with the…

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One comment on “The Gods Are Not Self-Help Mechanisms

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