One comment on “Ethical Polytheism

  1. Galina Krasskova says:

    Sorry. have to disagree with that blog. the duty of a priest is to build and protect the tradition and to guide people in proper veneration. Their purpose is not to prioritize the minutiae of people’s daily life over proper veneration of the Powers. I swear to Gods, Pete, some of these people deify their ethics over the Gods, their comfort over the Gods, their toe jam over the Gods, and pretty much anything else that will keep them from actually having to put up, put out, and venerate the Gods. They want to build community by focusing on the social aspect, go right ahead. But that’s not going to force the growth of a tradition. Some of the “squabbles’ that we’re having are important and are serving to better define the differences in our traditions and to separate us — forcibly if need be- from the mass and morass of Paganism. I see no point in us just all getting along, not at the expense of clean tradition building.

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