On the Hunt

This past weekend was the first in the archery season for deer. So, my buddy and I grabbed some arrows and headed out to grab us some animals. This was my first time hunting non-humans. Let me tell you- damn deer are crafty. I actually managed to find one and stalk it for a bit (I don’t believe in using a blind), but the Department of Natural Resources was out widening the trails with chainsaws, so needless to say, every animal within a mile bolted. That’s the danger of hunting on State land, I guess. The mid-season also opened for goose and duck, which was also not fun. Some very un-conscientious goose hunters were firing all willy-nilly, and we got shot at twice, once even having bird-shot raining down from above in our tree.

Now that the weekend is over, I remember why I got out of the military; no, not the getting shot at part, but damn are my joints sore. Of course, this marked the first time I ever poured a libation to Artemis. While that may come across as odd, I’ve never felt the need or compulsion to offer to her individually; every time I simply cover her worship under the onus of “the Gods”. I’m not sure how to feel about that though. While it follows that folks only regularly paid homage to the gods that held the most sway over their lives, part of me feels like she should get more honor from me out of principle. It also highlights the pitfalls of being closely tied to one god.