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My name is Pete, your friendly author of the Aspis of Ares. I wanted to let you, the reader, know a little about me so it may help you understand where I’m coming from and why I chose to write this blog.

First off, I live in southeast Michigan with my family. I’m the oldest of six children, and an uncle to a tiny new niece. I’m an Air Force veteran of four years. I spent my time as a linguist and analyst. Now I’m out to finish school, though I’m not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life.

My religious story is kind of bland. I found neopaganism when I was eleven or twelve, just before the events of 9/11. I led a small ragtag group of neopagans in a couple rituals during highschool, and studied online at Witchschool.com. After I enlisted, I gradually shifted from eclectic neopaganism towards a more ‘traditional’ approach. The further I delved into history and primary material, the less I came to believe that neopaganism was even pagan at all. I felt a deep connection to divinty, just not the generic ‘Lord and Lady’. There was a distinctness to what I felt, a concrete and defined solidarity. That’s when Ares just kind of popped into my head. I’d have imaginary hypothetical conversations with him (I don’t consider myself a mystical person, and am pretty sure it was just me in my head) about war and life. I was still pretty firm in the neopagan mindset of disliking violence for its own sake and such, so I was a bit off put at thinking so aggresively and even relishing the thought of confrontation at the behest of Ares. Little by little Ares wore off on me. I taught a combat readiness course and stayed active in the chaplain program (for which I was awarded twice), and all the while, searched deeper and deeper into ways to honor Ares in a proper manner. This led me down the road to finding Hellenismos. It’s where I’ve been ever since, for the last two or three years, though I haven’t been very good about it at times.

Because I’m not the best at always pouring wine and burning incense, and because the gods have been very generous to me, especially Ares, I decided to devote a blog to Ares. I know it’s not a traditional offering, but I feel Ares is vastly underrepresented in Hellenismos, even though he’s given the world so much. There’s so much I’d like to do to honor Ares, and this just seemed the best way to start. Who knows though, a blog may become a book, and a book a shrine, a shrine a temple, at which point I may take the role of a priest, if Ares would have me. Until then, I hope this is pleasing to him.

11 comments on “About the Author

  1. I am thrilled that you are doing this for our Lord Ares! It’s nice to know that there are others out there who love Him! Hail Ares!

  2. Patricia says:

    Thank you for creating this wonderful inspirational website! Looking forward to updates 🙂

  3. Stephen Glaser says:

    A very good introduction of yourself and Ares.

  4. Wednesday says:

    Glad I’m not the only devotee of Ares rattling around out there in the big bad intarwebs. Keep on posting, amigo.

  5. I am please to say that I am your internet stalker (joking). I have found out recently that we have belong to several of the same sites for quite sometime. I have appreciated your previous thoughts and posts in past and they have helped me a great deal . Likewise to Wednesday, it is comforting knowing your not the only devotee of Ares. Before I encountered your blog or had brief discussions with you on a yahoo group, I was beginning to wonder if their was anyone who appreciated and worshiped the God of War in a sensible manner or as a hard polytheist.

    I believe this to be a beautiful devotion that really speaks to the nature Ares. It is useful, requires hard work, and serves him in matter that opens up opportunity for potential followers of Ares, or educates polytheist on how to honor him.

  6. Morgana Rose says:

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know, I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! http://notesfromthebroomcloset.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/isnt-it-lovely/

  7. ladyimbrium says:

    So I’m a little late to the party, oh well. My syncretic views will be unpopular and I promise to try and keep them to myself- but I have been called and called and called by the Warrior in so many names that I have to check this blog out.

  8. Keep up the good work. Ares is, in my opinion, one of the least understood deities of the Hellenic Pantheon. While I feel that violence for the sake of violence is not the best of ideals, there are very few people who can say that they are not thrilled at the adrenaline rush of a good fight scene. That rush is Ares himself rising within and pushing you to the edge of the ring to see him at work. Sometimes he may even push you into the ring. Ares is not just about violence, he is about courage in the face of danger and while Athena’s wisdom and planning helps to win wars, it is the courage and strength of Ares that gives us the instinct to fight and survive in the face of immediate and pressing danger. I am thrilled to see that others understand this as well. Bravo!

    In Truth,

    Monte Plaisance

  9. Ivy says:

    I’m interested in reposting some of your devotional material to Aries on the Polytheism Without Borders blog. Could you please email me? Thanks!

  10. Always great to see someone doing the work of their God. Heilsa!

  11. lughschead says:

    I’m glad this blog was sent to me. D: Ares has…Well, is in my room pretty regularly. He is pretty misunderstood in general, so far as I can see, and honestly, you are what you are! I’m so excited for your postings! Thank you for representing Ares!

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