Series and Topics

The Aspis of Ares will begin to feature a number of series about Ares and his dominion. This list is intentionally incomplete, and would benefit greatly from external input, so if you have any suggestions for a new series, please email me at


Epithets of Ares

This series will explore Ares’ titles, including ther origin, meaning, and the associated cult.

Cult Centers

This series will explore Ares’ cult centers, both in ancient Hellas, and locations which might be considered for future temples.

Ares the Father

This group of posts will focus on Ares and his many children, the relationships they have with each other, and what we can take from those and apply to our own relationships.

Ares the Brother

This set will look at the relationships Ares has with his siblings, both in myth and in the world.

Rituals and Festivals

This group of posts will include rituals, both new and those adapted from ancient sources. Self-made festivals and festivals extrapolated from ancient themes will also be explored. Emphasis will be placed on creating a modern body of cult material.

Prayers, Hymns, and Poems

In thise series, I plan to collect poems, prayers, and hymns written by various authors who have been inspired by Ares to eloquence.

Ares’ Exemplars

This series will highlight the lives, myths, and legends surrounding some of the best and worse people who embodied aspects of Ares’ domains, from ancient heroes to modern villians, and all of those in between.

Mysteries and Meditations

Entries in this category will focus on the lessons we can take from Ares myths, as well as mysteries to contemplate.

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